Kent Community Fund – 2017 Report


The Kent Community Fund was established in 2006 to “help individuals living in Kent meet emergency needs and to support community charitable programs serving Kent residents.” All funds are raised locally.  KCF is a volunteer organization with no staff and no overhead.


Grants for 2017:  35 grants were made in 2017.  KCF also paid $2,823 to obtain more than eight tons of free and low-cost food from the Connecticut Food Bank for the Kent Food Bank's use.


The overall total expended for the benefit of Kent residents in 2017 was $26,021, the third highest amount in KCF's 12-year history.  Since its founding in 2006, KCF has made over 460 grants totaling over $248.000.  Almost all requests came from the Town of Kent's Social Services Director, Leah Pullaro.

All grants are confidential and payments are made directly to vendors or providers such as fuel companies, pharmacies, hospitals, dentists, landlords and others.

Major Types of Grants

Medical & Dental - 6                         Heating Fuel - 4                  Child Care & Education – 2                      

Rent/Housing - 5                               Electric Bills - 6                   Camp Kent Scholarships – 7 children

Home Repairs/Car Expenses - 6      Telephone/Other utilities - 2      After School Program - 6 children

Funeral/Cremation Expenses - 1


A few grants were for multiple needs, such as a phone and electric or fuel bill.  Other grants were to the Kent Senior Center/Nutrition Program, an area Thanksgiving food drive benefitting Kent residents, the publication of a resource guide for seniors and support for a summer internship for a Kent high school student through the Housatonic Youth Service Bureau.  Grants ranged from $126 to $2371.  Two grants specifically supported scholarships for Kent children - for the After-School Program at Kent Center School and Camp Kent.  Both programs are operated by the Town of Kent's Park and Recreation Department.



Age Break-out of Individual Grantees

Under 20:  15 children (including After School Program and Camp Kent Scholarships)

Ages 20 to 35:  4       Ages 36 to 50:  6       Ages 51 to 64:  10       Ages 65 to 79:  7       Ages 80 & over:  1

The age distribution is similar to the previous year, with a decrease in grants to 51 to 64 year olds and those over 80 years of age.   Eighteen families with children under the age of 18 received help.  All but seven grants were to individuals or families KCF has helped in previous years.


Resources Workshop  More than 25 representatives of social service and other agencies serving Kent attended the 10th annual Resources Workshop in May.


Over 220 Kent residents of all ages were served by KCF grants and programs in 2017.


KCF is a non-profit organization, supported by generous contributions by local residents.


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