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  The Kent Community Fund was established in early 2006. Many of the founding board members had been involved in the work of an informal task force in 2003 and 2004 which researched local needs and advocated for an increase in the hours and responsibilities of the Town of Kent’s social services director.  For many years Kent residents Charlie and Lucy Tremont had devoted countless hours to collect food and donations for Kent families at holidays and as needed, but it was becoming clear this was not enough. An independent emergency fund with non-profit status was the clear answer.


  Founding board members Catherine Bachrach, Tony DiPentima, George Jacobsen, Jim Palmer, Lorry Schiesel, Judy Sheridan and Joe Speranzo researched similar funds in nearby towns, developed bylaws and grant procedures and completed the IRS application for non-profit status. KCF received its 501(c)(3) letter in November of 2006. A group of residents responded to a request from George Jacobsen and Jim Palmer and provided generous start-up funds in 2007.


  Since its inception the primary function of KCF has been the provision of grants, made directly to service providers for the emergency needs of Kent’s residents. The Fund’s close working relationship with the Town of Kent’s social services director has been critical to its success. KCF is able to respond rapidly to emerging or changing needs; in response to the CODID-19 pandemic, KCF was able to quickly increase its grants and support for food purchases for the Kent Food Bank.

"The Kent Community Fund has been an invaluable source of   support for financially struggling Kent residents.  The grants   provided have helped individuals and families overcome  obstacles  to success and strengthened the Kent community as a whole" - Kent's Social Services Director Leah Pullaro 2012-2022             

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